Life is a highway

Wow, it's been so long since I updated and I just have so much to say I don't know where or how to start.
Let me give it a shot.
So as my faithful fans (:P) probably know, I am in the Yoonited States on a semester abroad program and living alone for the first time. Firstly, can I just say how awesome it is to live alone???
Because it totally is.
You don't really grow as a person until you have to make it on your own. And boy, these past few months feel like they've been the most important of the 242 months of my life.

I have experienced-
The true form of education- through application and thinking for yourself.
(Although, I still fall asleep in class.)

I have discovered-
Mexican food and Japanese chicken teriyaki ;)
(I still can't stand most healthy food so this is probably not reeeally a good thing)

I have learned-
Not to be so judgmental and to just 'chill out'
(read as-not working hard but convincing myself to not freak over it)

I have changed-
My perspective on what's important in life and in a person(well okay, not so much, but I just feel like I'm seeing things differently)

I have never felt so free, so independent and so...well, me.
Because I am now on the path to self discovery (who knew there'd be something to discover?) and it holds surprises(sometimes shocks) around every corner. Whatever it is, it's certainly not a boring journey! And when I achieve self-actualization, it's going to be awesome B)
I never thought I'd say this but I'm actually glad I'm single right now and am not in the throes of a violent crush. What most people don't see and what I didn't (or more like ignored) is you can't love someone else if you don't learn to love yourself first. I mean really, give yourself time to figure out what you want to be, what you want to do, who you really are. You owe that much to yourself. Chase your dreams down, the wildest ones.(Or just you know, watch TV and eat popcorn.) Friends, boyfriends will come and go(hopefully not go), but this age, this time in life comes only once and we gotta make the most of it!!

Y'all get my point?

These are pearls of wisdom folks! So don't just say "Pooh, baloney" because this baloney is straight from the heart. You have to experience 'letting go' at least once in your life. Who gives a f*** about what people think?? You shouldn't!!

Dance like there's no tomorrow

Laugh loudly

Sing loudly(and badly)

Hug your friends like you're meeting after 20 years

Be bad sometimes :)

Cuss colorfully when you're pissed

You get the general idea!

Okay, lecture over.

But you see how serious I am?? I mean, this is me! Writing sentimental stuff!!
Yikes, I better post this quick before I delete it.

Next update coming soon, no more corny stuff, I promise;)


Blue and Red

Hmm. I don't exactly know what to write.

Maybe I should give you an idea of what sort of a mood I'm in.
1.I spent yesterday alternating between wanting to bang my head against the computers in the lab and binging on junk, then rounded off the day by listening to old hindi songs. From the 90s.
2.I woke up to the sound of an excellent marching band, plus bon jovi and justin timberlake songs and all I could think was 'shut up shut up shut up!"
3.Everyone and I mean EVERYONE, is watching the game(Wisconsin vs. San Jose)-there's like tons of people on the road, in bars, everywhere, all wearing RED(wisconsin colors are red and white)- and I'm thinking of going to the lab again.
I don't know if that helps you understand, but it should!
Oh and my tooth hurts. :(
Yes, this is going to be a whiny post so DO NOT READ if you can't handle THE TOOTH! :P
I know I can't handle it. It's really bothering me, stupid wisdom tooth. Who was the idiot who named them that anyway??Is all this pain supposed to make you wise? I tell you the guy who named them was being a 'wise'guy :P
Apparently, the first stage of culture shock is the 'honeymoon' stage. Well, that's over for sure!
I don't think I am in the hostile stage yet though. Because I still like it here (sooo pretty).
But I am now Freaking Out about my courses. I so wish I could have done my undergrad here right form the beginning then I'd probably be used to this whole project thing by now and I wouldn't have to Freak Out and also I'd actually know something about my subject!!
I love the way they teach here.
But, er.. expecting me to learn C++, MATLAB and OpenGL all at once?
Man, that's crazy talk!
Okay now I'm a bit afraid to even walk to the lab through this sea of crazy folk in red!
Haha, I do love their spirit though! The Badger spirit is awesome. Wish I really was one and that I did understand football.
Alright, I better go, very short post, I know I know, but lets make it a long one when I'm in a good mood!

Bye y'all

Let's hear it for New York!

(As Whatshisname-tightypants used to say)
It's such a brilliant place! Ok, so far at least. Everything is so different here. And so CLEAN :D(which itself is enough to win my approval:P)
Here are 5 things I love about living here-
1. The way people here talk. It's so.....cute!:P For want of a better word. I asked a cop for directions once and when I went up to him he goes "Talk to me" and I'm thinking "ooh, suave!" :D(the cop was good looking, by the way:P) and then he gives me directions like "Go through that turn pike, go left and then straight and you don' wanna stop"
2. The shops!! AAAAAAHHHH!!!!
Where do I start?? I find the grocery stores and pharmacies exciting! By the way, I found beer in a pharmacy; isn't that weird? Oh, I could waste hours in a supermarket. It's crazy, the sheer variety of stuff. And the clothes are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo darn AMAZING! Er but kind of expensive :( sigh.I'm going to get rich someday...just you wait!
I swear if it wasn't for all the walking, I would have put on like 10 pounds by now, in just a week. Especially with my partiality to Oreo mcFlurries :D, not to mention fries, which people seem to eat very large servings of. Portioning everywhere is huge. A medium sized popcorn is really large, a 'snack size' ice cream will screw up your dinner for sure and their regular cokes are like 500 ml or something.
So here, there are like two extremes- either people eat cheeseburgers, fries, coke and ice cream or they go total health-crazy with the fat-free and organic everything. That's another thing-buying food at the supermarket is never a simple process unless you're used to it. Everything comes in fat-free/low-fat(2%,1% etc)/organic/multi-grain or some other alternative. Yeesh!
Buying milk was never so mentally taxing!
4. I love how they put up signs and public service notices everywhere and try to make stuff simple for people, like at the subway stations and even inside the trains. I like how they have provisions everywhere for the disabled and people with strollers and prams(there are a LOT of these).
There's a park here, close to where I'm staying which is for dogs to run/play in(there are a LOT of dogs here, people seem to like to put them in their bags and carry them around). There's a sign at the gate which says "Dogs not allowed without owners" :P I'm not quite sure if that sign is of any use!
5. I love the weather! It's great here, especially after Chennai's horrid humidity. The sun sets around 8 in the evening. No, I'm not kidding. :D I feel so much better, I'm sleeping 9 hours everyday! It's been so long since I did that, I don't even remember. I'm eating fruits and cereal for breakfast(big nice ripe peaches, strawberries, plums, red juicy watermelon :D and count chocula cereal:D:D), walking a lot and I'm out like a light before 12. Yes, before 12. It's like magic.
More later,

Peace out!
P.s.- I saw The Naked Cowboy at Times Square today. All he wears is underwear with Naked Cowboy scrawled across :P So he's carrying a guitar and he's wearing a cowboy hat and people want to take pictures with him! Check it out-
It's so weird, it's funny!

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